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Dublin Pub Life and Lore: An Oral History

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Guy Beiner. Anna Bryson. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. In preparing this article, questionnaires w lated to numerous academic researchers affiliated with various relevant institutions, community groups and individuals who ar have a connection with oral history.

The results uncover numer throughout Ireland north and south. In the absence of a comprehensive this critical review cannot claim to be definitive, but sets out ten identify some of the key issues and problems facing oral history 'Oral history' has often been conceptualised in contrast to a notion of 'written history' and this imagined opposition seems t misleading set of dichotomous connotations.

Accordingly, oral h been perceived as nonconformist and associated with such c 'history from below', 'popular history', local history and micro-n would follow that its counterpart - History - is a professional aca pline preoccupied with studies of major events in a nationa meta-narrative, and that these studies are exclusively based written sources found in archives.

In practice, this binary opposit illusory. Though oral history is often utilised for the study of marginalised who have been excluded from official records, it has also been intr as a method of acquiring supplementary information for 'elite' histor business companies, institutions and bureaucracies.

Redressing a lacuna in the mentary archives, oral history projects have provided information on experiences of Irish women in families, communities, politics and wor study of the women's movement in Ireland, for example, involve views with over fifty feminist activists.

Evans and K. Lunn eds. For an anthology of oral testimonies see: K. This content downloaded from In February , relevant audio visual and textual material was exhibited at the University's Boole Library.

This has resulted in the creation of an archive of seventy-eight oral narratives, fifty of which can be listened to on-line. Topics discussed included local patterns of emigration, perceptions of returning emigrants and their impact on the locality.

Qualitative research has also proved vital to studies of Irish diasporas. A large-scale research project on the children of Irish migrants to Britain involved eighty-eight interviews with residents of two major centres of Irish settlement.

In keeping with the brief of the Irish Religious Heritage Advisory Group at Maynooth, a number of female religious orders have also taken tentative steps towards the creation of oral archives. This work is part of an on going doctoral study of women workers in Dublin and Belfast.

History societies and summer schools, such as Drogheda V and the McGlinchey Summer School in Donegal,16 have promot of oral history as a resource for local studies. Oral history researc undertaken by community groups in conjunction with local author a noteworthy example is the Falls Community Council's Du History Sound Archive. This project focuses on the experiences alists in West Belfast and, to date, has produced eighty-two in which are accessible to visitors on an interactive computer databas of these projects have benefited from academic guidance.

The Oral History Project, supervised by the sociologist Laurence Cox, b and, following eighteen months of work, evolved into an ora association, whose members hold certificates from the National Co Ireland and have completed a book based on interviews conduct publication forthcoming. It has often been assumed that oral history in Northern Ireland preoccupied with the conflict and this assumption has been extend whole of Ireland. A BBC Northern Ireland Archive was also established at the museum in and it includes material relating to current affairs, social history, literature and the arts.

It's Us They're Talking About, vols. Whyte, Interpreting Northern Ireland Oxford, , p. Scholars in disciplines throughout the social and political sciences, particularly sociology, anthropology and poli tics, as well as journalists, regularly conduct interviews and generate oral data that refer to recollections of events in the past, though this work is rarely referred to as 'oral history'. Folklorists explore oral traditions, a field which historians of modern Ireland have begun to come to terms with, particularly in relation to the study of the Great Famine.

Ongoing projects documenting local placenames, such as those run by designated committees in Cork and Kerry Coute Logainmneacha Charcai and Coiste Logainmneacha Chiarrai , demonstrate how seemingly esoteric minutiae collected orally can serve as an index of social, cultural and economic changes in the landscape.

While readers and manuals are available for self-training,29 further briefing has involved consultation with professionals. The overall nature of such training, however, has been ad hoc. There are few third level courses on oral history in Ireland. An oral history module at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick taught by Maura Cronin has generated research on the role of creameries in rural Munster , the dispensary system in Limerick city and working lives and this has resulted in the creation of an oral history centre.

Similarly, an undergraduate course at NUI Galway taught by Caitriona Clear has spawned an oral archive documenting the lives of a diverse range of people including farmers, returned emigrants, teachers, priests, nuns, shop-workers and housekeepers.

It is striking that, to date, other leading universities have not provided similar courses at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. Oral history fieldwork often results in publishing anthologies of testi monies. Interview transcripts are sometimes treated to light annotation and discussion, as in the popular books of Kevin C.

Kearns on Dublin life. Generally speaking, it is possible to discern two schools in studies of oral history: 'positivist' and 'interpretative'. While the former strives to identify 'hard facts' and overcome questions concerning the trustworthiness and representativeness of oral accounts recorded at a later date from the historical events, interpretative scholars call attention to 27 Terry Fagan and Ben Savage, Memories from Corporation Buildings and Foley Street Dublin, ; idem, Those were the Days Dublin, ; idem, All around the Diamond Dublin, ; idem, Down by the Dockside: Reminiscences from Sheriff Street Dublin, ; Terry Fagan and D.

Dunaway and W. Baum eds. Oxford, For further references see: Robert Perks ed. These approaches are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Oral history can inform about events and about how they were subsequendy perceived, and these two dimensions can be juxtaposed to attain a deeper and more mean ingful understanding of the past.

Technological innovations in sound, video and computerised media are constantly revolutionising the practice of oral history. Consequently, oral historians are ideally positioned to engage with a variety of multi-media sources for contemporary history and to initiate methodological innova tions within Irish historiography.

Journalistic revelations that uncovered the 'hidden history' of such topical issues as industrial schools, clerical child abuse and reprehensible treatment of unmarried mothers suggest that the social history of twentieth-century Ireland needs to be re-written and that the standard archival sources currently open to researchers are inadequate for such an undertaking. Moreover, the rapidly shifting nature of contem porary Irish society, as it faces the challenges of multiculturaJism, opens new possibilities for innovative oral history research.

There is an imperative to document personal perspectives on social, cultural and economic changes and to record the stories of immigrants a task that inevitably requires advanced linguistic skills , which then need to be woven into 'the Irish story'.

Despite this groundbreaking potential, many researchers who actively engage with oral history maintain that at present their work is insuf ficiently recognised by the historical establishment. In the absence of a central repository, the products of oral history work in Ireland are scattered and often remain in the private possession of researchers. A preliminary report, published in this journal in November , observed that attitudes and practices relating to the collection and preservation of oral archive material was 'haphazard, incomplete and incon sistent.

There are few, if any, indications of developments in other prominent archives. The future may, however, prove more promising as many of the custodians of the projects outlined above are endeavouring to make their collections available to the public. Lack of adequate funding is probably the biggest problem for oral history and this has resulted in setbacks to many worthwhile projects. The protean and dyna of oral history suggests that establishing an internet-based netwo be most appropriate.

This would enable the pooling of inform could serve as a forum for much-needed discussion on issues su right. It could also function as a working directory of oral history, lesser-known interviews undertaken by local FAS schemes or unpublished student dissertations. Though it may initially seem history in Ireland is thin on the ground, further investigation reve is ubiquitous.

Taken as a whole, however, the oral history pr disparate and uncoordinated. It would therefore be in the interest committed to interviewing, archiving and studying oral testim communicate more with each other for their mutual benefit and for the greater benefit of Irish Studies at large. Industrial Estate, Coe's Road, Dundalk. Landlords and Tenants in Ireland — by W E. Women and Work in Ireland by Mary E.

Henry Grattan by James Kelly 8. John Redmond by Paul Bew 2. Eamon de Valera by Pauric Travers Morrissey 4. Moran by Patrick Maume Shane O'Neill by Ciaran Brady Michael Davitt by Carla King 7. Justin McCarthy by Eugene J. Related Papers. Proto-industrialization and pre-Famine emigration. By Brenda Collins. By Kate Antosik-Parsons.

Sources for the study of the history of Irish childhood. By Jutta Kruse. By Michael Pierse. By Tricia Cusack. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up.

Haine on Kearns, 'Dublin Pub Life and Lore: An Oral History'

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Brendan Behan Volume 2: Interviews and Recollections. Editors E. Front Matter Pages i-viii. Behan Comments on the Theatre.

Dublin is renowned for its amazing profusion of pubs and for its exuberant pub culture. In Dublin Pub Life and Lore , Professor Kevin Kearns examines the history of this phenomenon by speaking to old publicans, barmen and regular customers, relating the story of Dublin pubs and their patrons in an engaging and entertaining fashion. Traditionally in Ireland, the public house. Pubs ranged from dusky watering holes frequented by labourers, dockers and shawlies to elegant Victorian gin palaces where the gentry and literati gathered. Along the Dublin quays there were dives filled with scoundrels, prostitutes and misfits of every sort. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Brendan Behan

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Dublin Pub Life and Lore, by Kevin C. Kearns (Gill & Macmillan, £9.99)

By Kevin C. Dublin is renowned for its amazing profusion of pubs and for its exuberant pub culture. In Dublin Pub Life and Lore , Professor Kevin Kearns examines the history of this phenomenon by speaking to old publicans, barmen and regular customers, relating the story of Dublin pubs and their patrons in an engaging and entertaining fashion.

Kevin C. This is a vivid oral history of one of the great urban public drinking establishment cultures of the world, the Dublin pub. Kearns, professor of cultural geography and social history at the University of North Colorado at Greeley, is eminently qualified to undertake this study. Already notable for his oral histories of Dublin street and tenement life,[1] he now turns his sights on the next logical urban space: the pub. To place his oral history of the past eighty years in context, he provides much important historical information on the evolution of pubs over the past four centuries.

Dublin Pub Life And Lore An Oral History

Hallo pal!!! This is an extensively revised edition of the standard semipopular Search this site. Arms and Blazons of the Colleges of Oxford.

Du kanske gillar. La Curiosit ; Or, the Gallant Show. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Dublin is renowned for its amazing profusion of pubs and for its exuberant pub culture.

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Dublin Pub Life and Lore : An Oral History

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Dublin Pub Life Lore by Kevin Corrigan

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