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The traditional presentation of normal subgroups and quotient groups goes something like this. First, you define a subgroup to be normal if it satisfies a certain funny condition. Then, given a group and a normal subgroup , you show that you can define an operation on the cosets of , and that that operation turns the set of all cosets into a group, called the quotient group. The traditional approach to that question is to ignore it, confident that the answer will gradually reveal itself. The more group theory you do, the more normal subgroups and quotients will arise naturally and demonstrate their utility, so if you just diligently keep studying, you will fairly soon come to regard normal subgroups and quotient groups as natural concepts that were obviously worth introducing. But a slight variant of the question is harder to answer: why did anybody bother to introduce these concepts in the first place? Surely the concepts were introduced for a reason , and not in the vague hope that they would turn out to be useful.

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Show all documents These include: the special rhotrix group; upper and lower triangular rhotrix groups ; diagonal and scalar rhotrix group. Now, the interest is to uncover the normal subgroups and quotient groups of non-commutative general rhotrix group. To the best of our knowledge, the normal subgroupsof non-commutative general rhotrix group and their corresponding quotient groupshad never been considered in the literature of rhotrix theory as a whole. On the p Maps of Groups Modern group theory - an active mathematical discipline - studies groups in their own right. To explore groups , mathematicians have devised various notions to break groups into smaller, better-understandable pieces, such as subgroups , quotient groups and simple groups.

Math § Normal Subgroups and Quotient Groups. Professors Jack Jeffries and Karen E. Smith. DEFINITION: A subgroup N of a group G is normal if for all.

Quotient Groups

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    A quotient group or factor group is a mathematical group obtained by aggregating similar elements of a larger group using an equivalence relation that preserves some of the group structure the rest of the structure is "factored" out.

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