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Determination Of Saponification Value Of Fats And Oils Pdf

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Previous articles in this series appeared in our April, May and July issues and covered General Composition and Classification, Identification, and Testing respectively. This series will be enlarged to include more detailed information and will shortly be published in booklet form. Testing", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology , Vol.

In an actual laboratory setting, there are certain important steps that are not necessarily applicable in a virtual lab. Cite this Simulator:. Always wear lab coat and gloves when you are in the lab. When you enter the lab, switch on the exhaust fan and make sure that all the reagents required for the experiment are available. If they are not available, prepare the reagents using the components shown in the reagent preparation.

Animal and vegetable Oils, Fats and Waxes: PART IV. Testing

Acid value of 11 samples was determined. The relative standard deviation of acid value for 5 replicates of each sample was less than 2. The method is superior to conventional titration methods in sensitivity and overcomes inaccuracy due to vagueness in color change of acidbase indicators in organic solvents. Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

Dilini N. Perera, Geeth G. Hewavitharana, S. Lipid oxidation has been identified as a major deterioration process of vegetable oils, which leads to the production of primary and secondary oxidative compounds that are harmful to human health. Oleoresins of ginger, garlic, nutmeg, pepper, cloves, and cinnamon were extracted and incorporated into coconut oil, and change occurrence on physicochemical properties, thermal stability, shelf life, and antioxidant activity was monitored against the same properties of pure coconut oil.

In practice a known amount of the oil or fat is refluxed with excess amount of standard alcoholic potash solution and the unused alkali is titrated against a standard acid. Reaction :. Reflux and condenser. Water bath. Burette and Pipette. About 2 g of the given oil or fat is taken in a conical flask but weighed accurately w g.

Saponification value

The present study aimed at characterizing the oil extracted from Bertholletia excelsa H. Analytical methods used for oils and fats were employed through pharmacopoeia assays, AOCS American Oil Chemists Society standard methods as well as those recommended by ANVISA National Health Surveillance Agency such as acidity, peroxide value, saponification index, iodine value and refractive index, pH and relative density, and also thermoanalytical analyses thermogravimetry, differential thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis as well as chromatographic analysis gas chromatography. The characterization assessments of B. The termoanalytical tests indicated that B. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of using raw materials of natural origin in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. This has caused the race to oils extracted from Amazon native plants, causing a rapid and significant expansion of the domestic and international market of these products.

Saponification value or saponification number SV or SN represents the number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide KOH required to saponify one gram of fat under the conditions specified. The higher the saponification value, the lower the fatty acids average length, the lighter the mean molecular weight of triglycerides and vice-versa. Practically, fats or oils with high saponification value such as coconut and palm oil are more suitable for soap making. To determine saponification value, the sample is hot-saponified with an excess of alkali usually potassium hydroxide dissolved in ethanol , in standard conditions, generally for half an hour under reflux. Handmade soap makers who aim for bar soap use sodium hydroxide NaOH , commonly known as lye , rather than KOH caustic potash which produces soft paste, gel or liquid soaps. For instance, triolein , a triglyceride occurring in many fats and oils, has three oleic acid residues esterified to a molecule of glycerol with a total MW of As it can be seen from the above formula 2 the SV of a given fat is inversely proportional to its molecular weight.

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Saponification value is a measure of the content of ester linkages. It is determined by back titration of potassium oxide in the presence of phenolphthalein indicator with N sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. First a sample is mixed with 25 ml of alcoholic solution of KOH and left for 1 h in steam bath to react.


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Determination of saponification value of the given oil/fat.

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    Saponification value is expressed by potassium hydroxide in mg required to saponify one (1) gram of fat. It depends on the kind of fatty acid contained in the fat. Measurement of saponification value is performed according to the below listed official test methods. Here we test a sample of fatty acid.

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    Triacylglycerols are composed of three fatty acids each in ester linkage with a single glycerol.

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    Saponification is the hydrolysis of esters. Oils and fats are the fatty acid esters of the trihydroxy alcohol, glycerol. The saponification value of an oil is defined as.

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