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New Historicism and Cultural Materialism

Cultural materialism as a literary critical practice—this article will not address its anthropological namesake—is a Marxist-inspired and mostly British approach to in particular Shakespeare and early modern English literature that emerged and became prominent in the s. Its emphasis on the historical and material conditions of the production and reception of texts has remained influential, even if its political commitment and interventionist purposes have largely been abandoned and increasingly ignored. This does not rule out intentional human practice, but rejects the idealist position in seeing that practice as inseparable from specific historical conditions. Next to the dominant, hegemonic cultural formation we will thus find declining, residual formations and nascent, emergent ones. Inspired by its belief that ideological hegemony is never absolute and that all ideology at some point contradicts itself, cultural materialism reads texts for signs of subversion and political dissidence, arriving at often provocative interpretations whose ulterior purpose was to serve as interventions in current political debates. The theories and insights brought together in Williams were crucial to the emergence of cultural materialism, but do not necessarily provide the best starting-point. Dollimore is an account and partisan defense of cultural materialism by one of its leading practitioners, while Drakakis is a succinct but incisive retrospective by another important cultural materialist.

Literary Theory

The new historicism and cultural materialism are here discussed in terms of their assumptions and perspective. The "new" historicists' criticism as opposed to the "old" historicists' "monological" approach rejects the notion of culture as a unity: it assumes that literary texts and other cultural productions are not organic wholes but the sites of ideological contestation. The politically engaged British cultural materialists pay considerable attention to the ideological appropriations of the Renaissance writers and texts, while the American new historicists tend to repress the political nature of their critical activity although they are much concerned with the representations of power in Renaissance literature. In spite of some methodological difficulties and problems accompanying this new approach, the new historicism is one of the most stimulative forms of modern criticism and has great potentialities. Already have an account?

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New Historicism and Cultural Materialism

Cultural materialism in literary theory and cultural studies traces its origin to the work of the left-wing literary critic Raymond Williams. Cultural materialism makes analysis based in critical theory , in the tradition of the Frankfurt School. Cultural materialism emerged as a theoretical movement in the early s along with new historicism , an American approach to early modern literature, with which it shares common ground. The term was coined by Williams, who used it to describe a theoretical blending of leftist culturalism and Marxist analysis. Cultural materialists deal with specific historical documents and attempt to analyze and recreate the zeitgeist of a particular moment in history.

Qty : Please note this title is sourced from overseas, and due to Coronavirus-related freight delays the estimated delivery time is 11 weeks. In the 30 years since the publication of Stephen Greenblatt's Renaissance Self-Fashioning overthrew traditional modes of Shakespeare criticism, New Historicism and Cultural Materialism have rapidly become the dominant modes for studying and writing about the Bard. This comprehensive guide introduces students to the key writers, texts and ideas of contemporary Shakespeare criticism and alternatives to new historicist and cultural materialist approaches suggested by a range of dissenters including evolutionary critics, historical formalists and advocates of 'the new aestheticism', and the more politically active presentists. Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory covers such topics as: - The key theoretical influences on new historicism including Michel Foucault and Louis Althusser. Chapter summaries and questions for discussion throughout encourage students to critically engage with contemporary Shakespeare theory for themselves.

Language Editing Service. Translation Studies has moved from linguistically oriented approaches to a historicist one. This is evident in many recent publications, and has brought about new trends in Translation Studies as well as in Cultural Studies.

Cultural materialism (cultural studies)

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New Historicism and Cultural Materialism
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