he wto agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures pdf

He Wto Agreement On Subsidies And Countervailing Measures Pdf

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Bradly J. This article analyzes several unresolved issues in World Trade Organization WTO law that may affect the WTO-consistency of measures that are likely to be taken to address climate change.

Agreement On Subsidies And Countervailing Measures Pdf

OJ L , In force. Definition of a Subsidy. A subsidy as defined in paragraph 1 shall be subject to the provisions of Part II or shall be subject to the provisions of Part III or V only if such a subsidy is specific in accordance with the provisions of Article 2. Where the granting authority, or the legislation pursuant to which the granting authority operates, explicitly limits access to a subsidy to certain enterprises, such subsidy shall be specific.

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One of the most significant U. Under the Tokyo Round Code, the only effective U. While that law is effective in addressing the effects of subsidized merchandise in the U. The Subsidies Agreement, together with the new WTO dispute settlement procedures, provide the substantive and procedural tools for addressing effectively the problems faced by U. Article 1 requires two elements: 1 a "financial contribution by a government or any public body" within that government's territory and 2 consequent conferral of "a benefit. Article 1 specifies four categories of practices that constitute a financial contribution: 1 a direct transfer of funds e. Furthermore, Article 1 makes clear that a financial contribution can exist where, rather than acting directly, a government makes payments to a funding mechanism, or entrusts or directs a private body to carry out one or more of the type of functions described above, which normally would be vested in the government, and the practice, in no real sense, differs from practices normally followed by governments.

Under the grant agreement, a WTO member government, if it believes that a prohibited or applicable subsidy is granted or maintained by another member government, may request consultations with that government as part of WTO dispute settlement procedures. In the case of prohibited subsidies, the complaining country does not have to show any adverse effects on its own industrial sector the exceptions apply to developing countries. For achievable grants, the complaining country must demonstrate that it has a negative effect. In addition, you can learn more about filing a compensatory tax claim by visiting the import administration website. The DSB establishes a body that communicates its results to the parties to the dispute within 90 days due to prohibited subsidies or days for applicable grants. If the court finds that the measure in question constitutes a prohibited subsidy, the subsidizing state must immediately withdraw it. In the case of feasible grants, the subsidizing state must either withdraw the subsidy or eliminate the adverse effects.

The criteria or conditions must be clearly spelled out in law, regulation, or other official document, so as to be capable of verification. It is understood that the setting or change of generally applicable tax rates by all levels of government entitled to do so shall not be deemed to be a specific subsidy for the purposes of this Agreement. The purpose of the consultations shall be to clarify the facts of the situation and to arrive at a mutually agreed solution. If so requested, the PGE shall immediately review the evidence with regard to the existence and nature of the measure in question and shall provide an opportunity for the Member applying or maintaining the measure to demonstrate that the measure in question is not a prohibited subsidy. The PGE shall report its conclusions to the panel within a time-limit determined by the panel. When the Appellate Body considers that it cannot provide its report within 30 days, it shall inform the DSB in writing of the reasons for the delay together with an estimate of the period within which it will submit its report.


The SCM agreement creates two basic categories of subsidies: those that are prohibited, those that can be implemented i. All specific grants fall into one of these categories. The first category consists of subsidies that, legally or in fact, depend entirely or as conditions on export performance export subsidies. The SCM agreement is accompanied by a detailed list of export subsidies.

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For each agreement, at least one Bluebook-compliant treaty citation is provided, along with a link from which you may download a PDF copy of the text of the agreement from the WTO's website. Treaty Series U. There are no citations to official U. For those agreements, citations are provided to the U.

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