physical and chemical factors affecting microbial growth pdf

Physical And Chemical Factors Affecting Microbial Growth Pdf

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Mesophiles are bacteria that grow best at moderate temperatures. You can do this by reducing the time that the bacteria is exposed to the required conditions for growth. The lactic acid bacteria are more fastidious in their growth requirements than the yeast.

Factor affecting bacterial growth

A characteristic of microorganisms is their ability to grow and form a population of organisms. One of the results of microbial metabolism is an increase in the size of the cell. The many requirements for successful growth include those both chemical and physical. Chemical requirements. In order to grow successfully, microorganisms must have a supply of water as well as numerous other substances including mineral elements, growth factors, and gas, such as oxygen. Perhaps 50 percent of a bacterium's dry weight is carbon.

Microorganisms are similar to more complex organisms in that they need a variety of materials from their environment to function and accomplish two primary goals--supply enough energy to manage their processes and extract building blocks to repair themselves or procreate. In addition to what they take in, microorganisms also thrive in particular environments. These environments vary as much as the organisms do themselves, and even the amount and distribution of elements in any particular environment can be very important. Scientists use this information to grow microorganisms in laboratories for experimentation. All microorganisms need food. The food sources can vary, but the organisms primarily extract carbon and nitrogen from substances such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The key to a productive staff is creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Fungi and bacteria cultivating in a building can enter the ventilation systems and cause widespread illness and discomfort among workers. Water and Dampness Warmth, moisture, pH levels and oxygen levels are the four big physical and chemical factors affecting microbial growth. In most buildings, warmth and moisture are the biggest overall issues present. Dampness is a big player in the growth of fungi.

Factors That Affect the Growth of Microorganisms

Introductory Microbiology pp Cite as. Microorganisms, like all living organisms, grow and reproduce. In this way they ensure continuation of their kind and provide the raw material on which the evolutionary process operates. To grow, any organism must have a supply of nutrients to produce new cell material, enzymes and cofactors. In addition, an energy source is required to fuel cellular activities. Unable to display preview.

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Site news. Lesson QUIZ Quiz Microbial growth and nutrition. The activities of microorganisms are greatly affected by the chemical and physical conditions of their environments. Different organisms react to their environment in different ways.


Over 80 years of direct discharge of industrial effluents into the Mahoning River, located in northeastern Ohio, USA, has led to the accumulation of a wide variety of pollutants within its sediments. This study examined the physical and chemical parameters, including lipophilic pollutants, affecting microbial activity and biomass in subsurface cm horizon sediments. There was no correlation between microbial activity and biomass. Independent variables influencing anaerobic activity were temperature and water holding capacity. The results of this study indicate that freshwater, sedimentary anaerobic microbial communities respond to a range of environmental parameters, many of which influence subsurface river sediments, and that lipophilic pollutants, when present, can cause increases in total microbial biomass.

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Factors Affecting Microbial Growth

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Factors Affecting Microbial Growth

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