infosys aptitude test questions and answers pdf

Infosys Aptitude Test Questions And Answers Pdf

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Edit Reply. If you're a pass-out preparing for Infosys Recruitment, this article covering Infosys previous year placement papers will be useful for you. This article will give you an idea of how to approach the Infosys Recruitment Process and provide you with most expected questions in the drive.

Is Infosys visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to ready yourself for the placement challenge? Here are a set of Quantitative aptitude practice questions based on previous years. Time allotted for Quantitative Aptitude Section is 35 minutes. It has to be and the number of people in each house is 32 members.

Download Infosys Previous Question papers

Is Infosys visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to ready yourself for the placement challenge? Here are a set of Quantitative aptitude practice questions based on previous years.

Time allotted for Quantitative Aptitude Section is 35 minutes. It has to be and the number of people in each house is 32 members. A right clock would have completed 16 hours by 8 p.

The horse will be able to graze in the circular area formed by the horse with the length of the rope being 12 m. Infosys Campus Recruitment Eligibility. Infosys Campus Recruitment Preparation. Share on Share Tweet Share.

Peter college are lined up in row. Lata who is standing 16th from the left stands on the immediate right of Sita. When they exchange their places, Sita stands 14th from the right. Find out the total number of students in the row.

Instead, if he covers 25 Km by bicycle and 35 Km by walk, he takes 18 more minutes. What is his speed on bicycle in Kmph? A box contains 5 red and 6 green shoes. If two shoes are drawn, what is the probability of getting red shoes?

There are few people in the village Haripuram. Each house has as many number of people in it as the number of houses. Find the total number of people if the number is in between and A clock loses 7 seconds in one hour and was set right at 4 a. What time will it show at 8 p. Therefore, the slower clock shows 7: 08 p.

A horse is tied to a place which is located at the vertex of an equilateral triangle of side 8 m with a rope of length 12 m.

Given that the horse can graze in the area only around the equilateral triangle, how much area can the horse graze in? What is the approximate cost per Kg of the third variety of coffee? Let the number of men be M and women be W. Hence, the question can be answered using statement 1 alone. Hence, the right answer is d. What is the actual profit percentage of the shopkeeper? To help him complete the job, he employs Rajath and together they work for another 14 days and the work gets completed.

How much more efficient is Vineeth than Rajath? They are equally efficient. Lavanya has Rs. The number of notes of each denomination is equal. What is the total number of notes? The average salary to be paid to 45 workers is Rs. The overall average salary is Find the average monthly salary of these 15 workers. How many biscuits do I have? Read times Last modified on Monday, 05 October

Infosys Placement Papers with Solutions (Solved for 2020!)

Download MNC Placement paper here. All the students who wish to appear in the Infosys recruitment drives in near future must be aware about the infosys placement papers , Infosys solved placement papers, placement question papers, latest placement papers, selection process and Infosys interview experience etc. Logical Reasoning section around 15 questions consists of questions based on data sufficiency, visual reasoning, data interpretation, syllogism, blood relations, statement reasoning, etc. Infosys is focusing more in this section from the last year. It Clearly indicates that candidates have to solve 10 questions from 35 minutes which means the questions will be of higher difficulty level. The Difficulty level of questions is moderate. Verbal Ability — The Candidates must be aware that the Infosys is probably the company which focus on verbal ability more.

From this page, candidates can gather the sample Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers. Please note that provided Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers For Freshers , , Batches are Infosys model questions but not actual questions. By learning these Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers, students can manage time easily during the actual exam. Number of Questions: 10 Time Limit: 25 mins. By analyzing we have also designed the approximate number of questions may ask from each topic of Aptitude section in the below table. Kindly take a look on it.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers

Ready for your placement season? If you want to crack a job at a top IT company like Infosys, you need to practice Infosys placement papers from previous years rigorously. In this article we have collated questions from latest Infosys campus placement drives to help you prepare for Infosys campus placements and Infosys off-campus selection drives. Start your preparation with these Infosys placement papers.

Fully solved examples with detailed answer for each aptitude question. Aptitude Test Questions and Answers. A man decides to buy a nice horse. Test Questions With questions and answers JobTestPrep invites you to a free practice session that represents only some of the materials offered in our online practice packs. Have a glimpse into the web's leading online psychometric preparation institute.

Infosys Placement Papers with Solutions for 2021 Pass-Outs

Edit Reply. Here are most asked questions and answers from this section that will help you gain an idea on the kind of questions that can be expected. This is useful for you if you're a pass-out appearing for the Infosys on-campus recruitment process.

About Verbal Aptitude Questions And Answers Pdf

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