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It has been witnessed that many individuals have started preparing for the state licensure exam after the nursing program at an early stage. The licensure is very important as it will help them to practice as Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed vocational Nurses. Many nurses wish to continue education by enrolling themselves in the RN program and move forward to become Registered Nurses.

NCLEX-PN Practice Test Questions

Passing the NCLEX-PN examination gives your state the authority to grant you a nursing license after the completion of a state approved school for practical nursing. These categories, or sections, and the percentage of questions you should expect to see in this examination are:.

Lastly, most of the questions are multiple choices questions with four items, only one of which is correct. Others are alternative format questions such as choosing all the items where more than one item is correct, fill in the blanks and listing priorities or steps in a procedure from the first to the last.

You will see all types of questions in our practice examination for licensed practical nurses. Speech and language therapists assess and treat patients with a swallowing disorder; they also assess and treat patients with speech and communication problems as often occurs after a cerebrovascular accident, or stroke.

Occupational therapists assist patients with their activities of daily living and they also provide patients with assistive devices to facilitate eating and dressing. Lastly, case managers coordinate care along the continuum of care and they manage insurance reimbursements. Sedentary adolescents require calories, sedentary women and children require calories and active adolescents need calories daily.

Ill health, malnutrition, and wasting as a result of chronic disease are all associated with cachexia. Cachexia can also result from dehiscence of a surgical incision or rupture of wound closure. Surgical asepsis refers to using a sterile technique to protect against infection before, during, and after surgery. The breakdown of tissue, especially after severe trauma or crush injuries is known as catabolism. Venous stasis is a disorder related to pooling of blood in a vein of the body; venous stasis typically occurs in the lower extremities and it is one of the many hazards, or complications, of immobilization.

Although many affected patients can experience blindness and peripheral neuropathy, these disorders result from impaired nervous system damage rather than an infection. Preoperative checklists are a form of nursing documentation that is used to guide and document the care of the patient before surgery. Psychological counseling is typically NOT necessary except under highly unusual circumstances and preoperative medication can decrease the amount of anesthetic needed and respiratory tract secretions but it does not help with postoperative pain.

Hypothyroidism causes a decreased metabolic demand, so fewer calories are required. Cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or cardiac failure all increase the metabolic demands and the need for added calories.

The brachial pulse is the most accessible pulse on an infant and, therefore, it is the site of choice. Lastly, the radial and pedal pulses may not be reliable indicators of cardiac function. The patient should be sitting when deep breathing and coughing because this position allows the patient to be better able to splint the incision with a pillow which provides abdominal support during coughing.

It also allows the lungs to more fully expand because the diaphragm drops. The most comfortable position for the patient is the supine position; however, this position does not permit the lungs to fully expand. There is no association or correlation between loosening respiratory secretions or relaxation with this sitting position.

Surgical asepsis is used when managing central line intravenous medication administration, when donning sterile gloves in the operating room and when inserting an indwelling Foley catheter. Medical asepsis, or clean technique, is used when bathing a neonate, when emptying a urinary drainage bag and when administering an intramuscular medication injection. The ultimate purpose of quality improvement activities is to identify process flaws and then to change the process so that it is fail proof.

Fail proof processes prevent human error and possible patient harm. Although these process improvements and changes may also increase efficiency and decrease costs, the ultimate goal of quality improvement activities is to prevent future occurrences with process changes and not costs and efficiency. Lastly, it is known that processes, not policies, are the root cause of many medical errors. The primary difference between practical nursing licensure and a nursing certification in an area of practice is that nursing licensure is legally mandated by the states and NOT the American Nurses Association and a nursing certification is not mandated.

To practice nursing without a current and valid license is contrary to the law. Nursing licenses are renewed every two years and nursing certifications are typically renewed every three years, however, this may vary according to the particular certification. Passing the NCLEX examination and receiving a nursing license indicates that the graduate has at least the minimal competency necessary to provide safe patient care.

Nursing certifications, on the other hand, validate expertise in a particular area of nursing practice. Dietary roughage or fiber with sufficient fluids and exercise may help relieve constipation.

Over-the-counter medications should be avoided during pregnancy. The supine position can place additional pressure on the aorta and vena cava, leading to vena cava syndrome.

A reduction of iron supplements during pregnancy may reduce hemoglobin production and result in a less than an effective immune system. You would evacuate your patients to west. A horizontal evacuation is the movement of patients to another area of the same floor. A vertical evacuation is the movement of patients to a different floor or level of the building. Patient evacuations are done to prevent patient injury.

Under no circumstances should the elevators be used for evacuations. Magnesium is essential for enzyme and neurochemical activities and it is also needed for cardiac and skeletal muscle excitability. Chloride is the most abundant negatively charged ion in extracellular fluid with potassium being the most abundant positively charge ion. Phosphate assists in acid-base regulation. The correct sequence of action for using a fire extinguished is easily remembered by keeping the PASS acronym in mind.

P is pulling out the pin to activate the fire extinguisher; A is to aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire; S is to squeeze the handle to discharge the contents of the fire extinguisher; and S is sweep back and forth over the base of the fire while discharging the contents. Nurses and other healthcare providers are mandated by law to report all suspected abuse and neglect.

You do NOT have to be certain about it; an expert will perform the investigation. You do not contact the police or the security department; the charge nurse will follow established procedures for notifications not the licensed practical nurse. This state of wellbeing is far more than the absence of illness, diseases and comorbidities.

Lastly, the use of health promotion activities does promote health but these activities do not define health according to the World Health Organization.

Dorothea Orem developed the Self Care theory or model. This theory maintains that some patients are completely compensatory and totally dependent on the nurse for care, other patients are partially compensatory and need only assistance by the nurse and others are totally independent in terms of their self care needs.

A urinalysis is considered routine during the prenatal examination. Assessment of the cervix, vagina, anus, rectum, and palpation and auscultation of the abdomen may not be checked until a complete gynecologic examination is done by the doctor. A positive pregnancy test and changes in the reproductive organs are both considered probable signs of pregnancy. Presumptive signs include amenorrhea, frequent urination and pigment changes in skin.

The signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism include heat intolerance, increased appetite, palpitations and insomnia among others such as thinning hair, the loss of hair, increased sweating, weight loss, emotional instability and diarrhea. The implementation phase is the actual care of the patient; the evaluation phase includes the comparison of current data to expected outcomes to determine if the patient has achieved the pre-established goals and the planning phase consists of priority setting and care planning.

This outcome or goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, within a specified timeframe, trackable and it should be agreed to by the patient. All expected outcomes are worded in terms of what the patient, not the nurse, will do and it should also be specific and measurable.

Although source oriented medical records can use SOAP, this is not a defining characteristic and most of these notes are free formed narrative notes.

Charting by exception is a distinctly different medical system than source or problem oriented medical systems. The necessary elements of malpractice are a duty to the patient, a breach of duty, foreseeability, causation, and patient harm. The breach of duty can be intentional or nonintentional. The RACE acronym is used to prioritize and sequence the steps that must be followed when a fire occurs. R stands for rescue patients; A is pulling the fire alarm; C is to contain the fire by closing doors, etc.

It results from the chronic hypersecretion of glucocorticoids from the adrenal cortex. You must stop the preparation of the sterile field and begin all over again when you have turned your upper body away from the field because sterile technique has been violated and the sterility of the field has been broken even when on turns away from the sterile field even for a second. Sterile items must be placed within one inch, not two inches from the edge of the sterile field.

Lastly, sterile solutions can be poured into sterile containers on the sterile field without breaking the techniques required according to surgical asepsis. Avulsed teeth should be immediately placed in milk. An avulsed tooth is the traumatic loss of a tooth. In addition to placing the tooth in milk, the tooth should only be handled at the crown and not the root of the tooth.

These interventions preserve the tooth for reimplantation. According to Erik Erikson, a developmental psychologist, the preschool child is challenged with initiative, the development of confidence and a sense of purpose. The other age groups along the life span and their developmental tasks are listed below:. Infant: Trust Toddler: Autonomy, self control and will power School Age Child: Industry, self-confidence and competency Adolescent: Identity formation and a sense of self Young Adult: Intimacy, affection and love Middle Aged Adult: Generativity, productivity and concern about others Older Adults: Ego integrity, wisdom and satisfaction with life.

The embryonic period begins around week 6, following the ovulation period of weeks 1 to 2 and the cell division and implantation period from weeks 3 to 5. The first trimester runs from week 1 until week According to Abraham Maslow, the hierarchy of human needs from the most basic and necessary to the least priority are the physiological or biological needs, the safety and psychological needs, the need for love and belonging, self esteem and the esteem by others and self actualization.

Week 5 includes the development of eyes, legs, and hands. Brain waves become detectable during week 6 and teeth begin to develop during week 9 of gestation. An infectious fly is an example of a vector that can transmit infection. Other vectors, or nonhuman living beings that can transmit infections to humans, include mice, vermin and mosquitoes. Inanimate items that can spread infection by contact are referred to as fomites.

Examples of fomites include a contaminated thermometer, balls and door knobs. An infected human being is a host according to the chain of infection and not a vector. Oral candidiasis is characterized with yellow or white spots on the oral mucosa that are not possible to scrape off without bleeding, therefore, no attempts to remove these spots should be done.

Herpes simplex is marked with tingling and burning of the lips and mouth areas as well as blisters and a sore throat. Alphthous ulcers, or canker sores, are sore oral lesions; and oral leukoplakia leads to thickened, white patches on the cheeks, tongue, lower lip, or on the floor of the mouth.

Of all of the above types of cancer, it is pancreatic cancer that has the poorest prognosis. This is based on the fact that pancreatic cancer is not symptomatic, and therefore, it is diagnosed after the point when a surgical removal can be performed. It has a rapid course and it is characterized with a high degree of mortality.

Nursing assistants have an expanding role in many states.

NCLEX Practice Exam for RN and PN

The NCLEX-PN is a computer-adaptive test CAT , which means each question you answer correctly determines the difficulty of the next question, as well as the overall number of questions you will answer. There are 25 pretest questions embedded in the total number of questions. Pretest questions are used to determine the usefulness of such items in future iterations of the exam, which means they are not scored. However, you will not be able to tell the difference between scored questions and unscored pretest questions, so do the best you can on each consecutive question. Questions will cease once it is determined with 95 percent accuracy that you have answered enough questions correctly or incorrectly to fall above or below the standard for passing the exam. You must perform above the passing standard on the test in order to pass.

You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Which disease decreases the metabolic rate? What intervention is the best to relieve constipation during pregnancy? You are the LPN working on 2 east with adult medical surgical patients. Your unit has been instructed to perform a horizontal evacuation of your patients because there is a fire on 1 east. Where will you evacuate your patients to? Which nursing theorist believes that most patients are capable of performing self care?

NCLEX PN Practice Test

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Passing the NCLEX-PN examination gives your state the authority to grant you a nursing license after the completion of a state approved school for practical nursing. These categories, or sections, and the percentage of questions you should expect to see in this examination are:. Lastly, most of the questions are multiple choices questions with four items, only one of which is correct.

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