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World Report On Ageing And Health 2015 Pdf

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John R. And those who reach 60 years of age can expect to live longer than ever before.

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The World report on ageing and health: a policy framework for healthy ageing

The European Union EU is a conglomerate of more than million people, The ageing population is triggering dramatic demographic, epidemiological, and anthropological changes, highlighting the importance of active and healthy ageing AHA. In Europe, the most common household type is single occupancy This household type also recorded the highest increase from to 3. These findings highlight several questions from both an individual and public perspective. Who will take care of the current generation as we become older? What types of health and social organisations should we develop to preserve the quality of life of an ageing population and sustain our health care systems over the medium and long term?

Predictors of healthy ageing: public health policy targets

Today, for the first time in history, most people can expect to live into their 60s and beyond 1. When combined with marked falls in fertility rates, these increases in life expectancy are leading to the rapid ageing of populations around the world. These changes are dramatic and the implications are profound. A child born in Brazil or Myanmar in can expect to live 20 years longer than one born just 50 years ago. In the Islamic Republic of Iran in , only around 1 in 10 of the popu- lation is older than 60 years. And the pace of population ageing is much faster than was the case in the past. A longer life is an incredibly valuable resource 2.

Purpose - Population aging is a global phenomenon affecting many countries including Thailand. Healthy aging is the key to many challenges that come with population aging. This study aimed to estimate prevalence of healthy aging and identify factors related to healthy aging among Thai urban elderly in Bangkok, Thailand. Data collection was done by face-to-face interviews using questionnaires at Lumpini Park, Bangkok. A total of older persons males and females aged 60 years or over were recruited non-randomly.

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Active Ageing in Europe: Adding Healthy Life to Years

Metrics details. The public health policy agenda oriented towards healthy ageing becomes the highest priority for the European countries. The article discusses the healthy ageing concept and its possible determinants with an aim to identify behavioral patterns related to healthy ageing in selected European countries. The healthy ageing is assessed based on a composite indicator of self-assessed health, functional capabilities and life meaningfulness. The logistic regression models are used to assess the impact of the healthy lifestyle index, psycho-social index and socio-economic status on the probability of healthy ageing i.

World report on ageing and health

Epidemiological studies show that older persons are particularly affected by poor oral health, with negative consequences on their general health. Diseases such as dental caries, periodontal disease, tooth loss, dry mouth or oral cancer affect their chewing function and nutritional intake, as well as their ability to interact socially, thus leading to a drastic decrease in quality of life or even death. Lifelong oral health aims to maintain good oral health and an optimal quality of life through oral health promotion, risk assessment, disease prevention, early diagnosis, and intervention at all stages of life.

Prevalence of healthy aging and factors associated in Thai urban elderly, Bangkok, Thailand

World Health Organization: Geneva, Switzerland. Not mentioned. ISBN Enhancement of longevity has been witnessed throughout human history but at a slow pace.

Although populations around the world are rapidly ageing, evidence that increasing longevity is being accompanied by an extended period of good health is scarce. A coherent and focused public health response that spans multiple sectors and stakeholders is urgently needed. To guide this global response, WHO has released the first World report on ageing and health , reviewing current knowledge and gaps and providing a public health framework for action. The report is built around a redefinition of healthy ageing that centres on the notion of functional ability: the combination of the intrinsic capacity of the individual, relevant environmental characteristics, and the interactions between the individual and these characteristics. This Health Policy highlights key findings and recommendations from the report. Today, for the first time in history, most people can expect to live into their 60s and beyond. These changes are striking and the implications are profound.

Healthy ageing trajectories and lifestyle behaviour: the Mexican Health and Aging Study

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By the end of the first half of the twentieth century most European states had introduced public pension schemes of one sort or another. In doing so they were affirming the role of the state in providing individuals with a form of support that all but a few would struggle to provide for themselves. The objectives of these schemes were generally quite limited: to reduce the risk of poverty in old age by facilitating savings during working life. The rationale was simple: to provide access to financial support - a regular and reliable income — for a time of life when the ability to work was increasingly impaired by loss of health or functional ability. In the second half of the century, after the second world war, increasing affluence combined with a more demanding view of the responsibilities of government to improve the generosity of pensions and to expand welfare systems in ways that conferred other benefits on their older populations besides a basic pension income, including the provision of social care e. Policy was still broadly conceived as a collective response to age-related losses that undermined independence. When population ageing — a result of falling fertility, lengthening life expectancy and differential cohort size - appeared on the policy horizon, governments were forced to reconsider not only the sustainability of existing arrangements for age-related entitlements, but also the narrow focus of policy on remedies for age-related losses.

Achieving a healthy ageing society

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The Policy Discourse of Active Ageing: Some Reflections

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