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Blockchain is a technological concept which evolves from the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and disrupts constantly enlarging areas of economy.

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Blockchain technology: implications for operations and supply chain management

This paper aims to investigate how blockchain has moved beyond cryptocurrencies and is being deployed to enhance visibility and trust in supply chains, their limitations and potential impact. Qualitative analysis are undertaken via case studies drawn from food companies using semi-structured interviews. Blockchain is demonstrated as an enabler of visibility in supply chains. Applications at scale are most likely for products where the end consumer is prepared to pay the premium currently required to fund the technology, e. Challenges remain in four areas: trust of the technology, human error and fraud at the boundaries, governance, consumer data access and willingness to pay. The paper shows that blockchain can be utilised as part of a system generating visibility and trust in supply chains.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Logistics

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Blockchain technology is uniquely suited to create efficiency improvements in supply chains, so that we end up with dynamic demand chains instead of rigid supply chains — resulting in more efficient resource use for all. But challenges lie in the development and governance of the technology. Even before governments can be convinced to support this effort, and to do so in a globally coordinated way, industry must agree on best practices and standards of technology and contract structure across international borders and jurisdictions. Any system that promises to remove the inter-commercial frictions that curb trade while also enhancing transparency and control for businesses and their customers is inherently worth exploring. When an E. Unable to monitor its suppliers in real time, Chipotle could neither prevent the contamination nor contain it in a targeted way after it was discovered. Now, a slew of startups and corporations are exploring a radical solution to this problem: using a blockchain to transfer title and record permissions and activity logs so as to track the flow of goods and services between businesses and across borders.

Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain

Have you ever wondered that where did the phone that you use in your day-to-day life come from? Or the clothes that you buy or the food that you eat? This connected chain is called as Supply Chain.

This paper aims to strive to close the current research gap pertaining to potential implications of the blockchain for supply chain management SCM by presenting a framework built on four established economic theories, namely, principal agent theory PAT , transaction cost analysis TCA , resource-based view RBV and network theory NT. These theories can be used to derive research questions that are theory-based as well as relevant for the industry. This paper is intended to initiate and stimulate an academic discussion on the potential impact of the blockchain and introduces a framework for middle-range theorizing together with several research questions. This paper builds on previous theories that are frequently used in SCM research and shows how they can be adapted to blockchain-related questions.

In the supply chain of the past, companies sold products and services through linear value chains. But innovation and disruption have pushed companies into a new supply chain model driven by digital ecosystems and market networks that enable hybrid forms of cooperation and competition. In addition, as technology, demographics and government policies shape industries, supply chains and operations must undergo a radical restructuring to meet the challenge of improving performance and innovation. With an understanding of your overarching strategy, we can help revolutionize your business through the use of data analytics, blockchain technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. BCT promises to change the way individuals and corporations exchange value and information over the Internet, and is perfectly positioned to enable new levels of collaboration among the supply chain actors.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book introduces blockchain technology applications in supply chains.

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