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See below for the list of sectors, with sample titles from each one. Each Industry Research Analysis report provides

In-depth market and industry research report database with global coverage of various high-technology sectors. We recommend that you use the Advanced Search button. Here you can search by relevant key words, combine your key words and limit your search to a specific Industry, Publication Date, Region etc.

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Market Research All Publishers. The COVID pandemic has further pushed boundaries for industries and organizations to rethink the possibilities of their workforce working from home while people themselves have sought to consider new remote working set-ups away from Read More. New evidence on the use of specific imaging techniques is influencing changes in the care standard. On a macro level, government policies on reimbursement and In mature data center markets such as Singapore, which still remains the data center hub in This report aims to help companies understand the future of user interfaces, encompassing the technologies and mindsets that influence their

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Companies that supportvirtual workers see significant benefits, including lower facilities costs, betterbusiness continuity and employee productivity, higher retention and recruitmentrates, and the ability to respond quickly to new market opportunities. But even as companies become more dispersed, they need remote and mobileworkers to be able to communicate and collaborate—anytime, anywhere, and withanyone. The y also need to reach out to business partners, customers, and prospectsto support training, sales, and marketing efforts. The growing need for real-timecollaboration in the workplace is drawing more and more users to Web conferencing. Web conferencing technology lets participants meet online to sharedocuments, deliver presentations, ask questions, partake in sidebar chats, answerpolling questions, and share information in real time. With built-in audio, Web conferences make it easy for people to communicate and collaborateacross geographic and cultural boundaries.

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Managing the digital risks related to this data can no longer be delegated to a small set of IT professionals. Instead, business managers, risk officers, and boards need to understand how cyber resilience supports the ability to mitigate and remediate digital risks while accepting that adverse cyber incidents are inevitable. Cyber resilience is a new paradigm that requires a different way of thinking, and our report is designed to help those managers, executives, and board members understanding the impact of cyber resilience and how to achieve it.

Frost & Sullivan Recognize LexisNexis Healthcare Data Analytics

LexisNexis is recognized as a healthcare technology company that consistently develops new growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future, and thus more effectively addresses new challenges and opportunities for the healthcare industry. Healthcare data analytics solutions are constantly developed to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and patient impact of the decisions and strategies employed.

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It is headquartered in Mountain View, California , and has 40 offices on six continents. Sullivan and Lore A. Frost [3] [4] in New York City in In , it started a corporate training division. Also in the s, the company started sponsoring conferences and industry meets, and also expanded outside the US in the s by opening an office in London. In , it entered into a joint venture with M. In , it acquired Technical Insights.

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