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Humans harness this power along the coastal regions of the United States, Canada, Scotland, and Australia. The energy that comes from the waves in the ocean sounds like a boundless, harmless supply. But is it without its drawbacks?

19 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Wave Energy and Power

This wave energy has great potential to provide humanity with a renewable energy source that could help humanity transition to a sustainable energy future. However, actually being able to harness that energy is proving to be more challenging than it might seem.

The following are many of the advantages and disadvantages of using wave power as an energy source. Because it uses only the energy of ocean waves, wave energy does not produce greenhouse gases or other pollutants like fossil fuels do.

Waves will continue to hit coastlines worldwide, and therefore, they can serve as a reliable source of energy. With an estimated worldwide electricity-generating potential of 2 terawatts TW from waves, there are many opportunities to develop this technology into one of many resources for our renewable energy future. While wave energy devices can be built near shorelines, they can also be built offshore, which reduces shoreline conflicts of use such as recreation and fishing.

Once they have been built, wave energy devices can be free to operate by themselves, unless the equipment malfunctions or damage occurs. Wave energy devices can be installed to be mostly or entirely submerged beneath the water. The devices can be installed far enough from shore to allow for minimal visual impact.

Because wave energy uses no fuel, this dramatically lowers the cost of device operation. Unlike oil spills and pollution and death from fossil fuels like coal, there is virtually no pollution from the generation of electricity from waves.

Wave energy devices can be tailored to meet electricity demand, and therefore can be manufactured at different sizes that are appropriate for each location. In contrast, fossil fuels generally require large facilities in order to produce electricity.

Because wave energy is still in the developmental stage, it is very costly to build wave devices. As the technology improves and the demand for renewable energy technologies increases, the costs of investment and construction of wave energy technology are expected to decrease. Oceanic storms such as hurricanes are particularly damaging to wave equipment.

Marine life may be harmed or displaced, or their habitats negatively impacted by the construction of wave energy devices. Thus far, only a few pilot wave energy projects have been constructed globally. Further research is necessary to determine the the lifespan of the equipment, the associated costs with running the devices, and the impacts of these machines on both human and marine life.

Constantly running wave energy devices can be much noisier than waves are naturally, and this could potentially be disruptive to both humans and sea life living near these devices. Wave energy has been developing since the s, and yet it is still a nascent technology that needs to be more fully developed.

This slow development is an impediment to investment in this type of renewable energy. It is currently very challenging to transport ocean wave-generated electricity long distances to where it will be consumed inland. For those people living near ocean shorelines, some types of wave energy devices can be unsightly and interfere with ocean views. There is great potential for wave energy to become a major renewable energy source in the future.

Future research and development is needed to improve the technology and durability of the equipment, as well as to identify, reduce, and potentially mitigate the negative impacts that this technology has upon marine life and the human use and enjoyment of the sea. Environmental dis-benefits? What about all these off-shore wind turbines? Surely they are just as disruptive and are certainly more visually intrusive. Not to mention hazards to shipping.

Why not put the wave power machines in the same fields as the wind turbines?? When viewing long tube-like wave energy machines it is impressive how they transform large powerful waves into little more than ripples. I know that the most energy would come from our wilder Western coasts, but has anybody looked at using them to protect the Eastern and Southern coasts that are under threat from tidal erosion?

You would not get so much power but it would be close to areas that could use it. Also, instead of protests from environmentalists, there would be a welcome from people whose land and property is under threat. Did you know that Romania has a technical solution with the highest efficiency to capture wave power?.

A pioneering invention. Thank you for this comment! That is very interesting. Perhaps we should write an article about it ;. Greentumble was founded in the summer of by us, Sara and Ovi. We are a couple of environmentalists who seek inspiration for life in simple values based on our love for nature.

Our goal is to inspire people to change their attitudes and behaviors toward a more sustainable life. Read more about us. While heavy machinery keeps spraying monocrops with pesticides and fertilizers , millions of family farmers are applying agroecological approaches to redress those impacts and revive rural areas. What is the key to their success?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wave Power

Wave energy or wave power is the transport and capture of energy by ocean surface waves. The energy captured is then used for all different kinds of useful work, including electricity generation, water desalination, and pumping of water. Wave energy is also a type of renewable energy and is the largest estimated global resource form of ocean energy. The first patent in wave energy happened in Paris in Monsieur Girard and his son proposed using direct mechanical action to drive heavy machinery, including mills, saws, and pumps. There were from to in the UK alone.

14 Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Wave Energy

Wave Energy also known as Ocean Wave Energy , is another type of ocean based renewable energy source that uses the power of the waves to generate electricity. Unlike tidal energy which uses the ebb and flow of the tides, wave energy uses the vertical movement of the surface water that produce tidal waves. Wave power converts the periodic up-and-down movement of the oceans waves into electricity by placing equipment on the surface of the oceans that captures the energy produced by the wave movement and converts this mechanical energy into electrical power. Wave energy is actually a concentrated form of solar power generated by the action of the wind blowing across the surface of the oceans water which can then be used as a renewable source of energy.

This wave energy has great potential to provide humanity with a renewable energy source that could help humanity transition to a sustainable energy future. However, actually being able to harness that energy is proving to be more challenging than it might seem. The following are many of the advantages and disadvantages of using wave power as an energy source.

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Disadvantages of Wave Energy

Wave energy and power provide us with an opportunity to collect the resources that our oceans and large bodies of water offer every day. The technologies that allow us to produce electricity from the movement of water are useful in a variety of applications, and it is already compatible with our existing infrastructure. It enables us to create the energy resources we need without a significant impact on our environment. The idea to use waves and tides to generate power dates back to the 18th century. Thousands of patents have explored ways to improve how we can collect this form of hydropower since then, and the modern approach uses five different methods depending on how the water movements are along the shoreline. An underwater substation routes the energy created by spars, heave plates, or floats that interact with the incoming waves. Then cables connect buoys to the connection points to ensure that the structures remain in place while robust tidal forces interact with them.

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