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Five Kingdoms Of Life And Basis Of Classification Pdf

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In biology , kingdom Latin : regnum , plural regna is the second highest taxonomic rank , just below domain. Kingdoms are divided into smaller groups called phyla. Some recent classifications based on modern cladistics have explicitly abandoned the term kingdom , noting that the traditional kingdoms are not monophyletic , meaning that they do not consist of all the descendants of a common ancestor.

Cavalier-Smith's system of classification

In this section learners are introduced to the most common way of grouping living organisms based on simple distinctive characteristics. Classification systems are always changing as new information is made available. Modern technologies such as electron microscopy make it possible to observe microscopic organisms in greater detail. The current system was developed by Robert H. Whittaker in and was built on the work of previous biologists such as Carolus Linnaeus. The five kingdom system is the most common way of grouping living things based on simple distinctive characteristics. Modern technologies such as Genetics makes it possible to unravel evolutionary relationships to greater and greater detail.

The Five Kingdoms Classification System

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The biological classification system of life introduced by British zoologist Thomas Cavalier-Smith involves systematic arrangements of all life forms on earth. Following and improving the classification systems introduced by Carl Linnaeus , Ernst Haeckel , Robert Whittaker , and Carl Woese , Cavalier-Smith's classification attempts to incorporate the latest developments in taxonomy. Cavalier-Smith has published extensively on the classification of protists. One of his major contributions to biology was his proposal of a new kingdom of life: the Chromista , although the usefulness of the grouping is questionable given that it is generally agreed to be an arbitrary polyphyletic grouping of taxa. He also proposed that all chromista and alveolata share the same common ancestor, a claim later refuted by studies of morphological and molecular evidence by other labs.

Kingdom (biology)

Millions of living things inhabit our planet, but did you know that they are divided into five separate kingdoms? Some, like animals and plants, are visible to the naked eye; but others, like bacteria, can only be seen under a microscope. Let's delve into the world of the five kingdoms of nature and find out a bit more about them. Living things are divided into five kingdoms: animal, plant, fungi, protist and monera. Nobody knows for certain when, how or why life began on Earth, but Aristotle observed 2, years ago that all the planet's biodiversity was of animal or plant origin.

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