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Rudolf Carnap Philosophy And Logical Syntax Pdf

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He was a major member of the Vienna Circle and an advocate of logical positivism. He is considered "one of the giants among twentieth-century philosophers.

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Rudolf Carnap

Rudolf Carnap, a German-born philosopher and naturalized U. He made significant contributions to philosophy of science, philosophy of language, the theory of probability, inductive logic and modal logic. He rejected metaphysics as meaningless because metaphysical statements cannot be proved or disproved by experience. He asserted that many philosophical problems are indeed pseudo-problems, the outcome of a misuse of language. Some of them can be resolved when we recognize that they are not expressing matters of fact, but rather concern the choice between different linguistic frameworks. Thus the logical analysis of language becomes the principal instrument in resolving philosophical problems.

Rudolf Carnap (1891—1970)

He received his doctorate from Jena, where he had studied under Gottlob Frege, who, along with Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell profoundly influenced his thought. In , on the invitation of Morris Schlick, he joined the faculty of the University of Vienna. An active participant in the discussions of the Vienna Circle, he soon rose to eminence in the movement of logical positivism, or logical empiricism. From Vienna he went to Prague, and in he founded, with Hans Reichenbach in Berlin, the journal Erkenntnis, the main organ for the publications of the logical positivists and empiricists. In , with the rise of Nazism, he moved to the United States, where he occupied teaching and research positions at the University of Chicago, Columbia University, the University of Illinois, and the University of California in Los Angeles. When he died, he was the most famous of the logical empiricists. Camap's book, The Logical Structure of the World , established the basic project of logical empiricism.

The Logical Syntax of Language appeared in the modified English translation in The literature on the Syntax is enormous and growing, addressing many different aspects of the book. The stated aim of the Logical Syntax is to show that logic is syntactical, that is, that it consists in formal theories of linguistic symbols. LSS: 1. This said, the two main examples of formal languages developed by Carnap in the Logical Syntax are nonetheless motivated by considerations from the foundations of mathematics.

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Logical truth and analyticity in Carnap's "Logical syntax of language"

A page of information about Rudolf Carnap - , German philosopher of language and science. Not too long ago I was surfing around the Net in search of information on Rudolf Carnap. I found some decent materials, though they were not linked up through any central site. That moved me to write up the page you are looking at now. I have attempted to assemble such information on Carnap as is scattered through the web, including on-line texts, pictures, notices of events, and other materials.

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Rudolf Carnap (1891—1970)
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    The problems of philosophy as usually dealt with are of very different kinds. From the point of view plicity we shall call these parts Metaphysics, Psychology, and Logic. Or, rather, there are not Carnap, Rudolf, Hegel, Georg Wilhelm.

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    The stated aim of the Logical Syntax is to show that logic is syntactical, that is, that it consists in formal theories of linguistic symbols. A theory is “formal”, Carnap​.

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