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This is the old United Nations University website. The nature and nurture of child development Abstract Introduction Processes that promote or hinder developmental competence Implications for intervention What not to do Principles for effective and cost-effective interventions Acknowledgements References Theodore D.

Human development, nature and nurture: Working beyond the divide

Developmental psychology is the scientific study of changes that occur in human beings over the course of their lives. The nature vs. For instance, why do biological children sometimes act like their parents? Is it because of genetic similarity, or the result of the early childhood environment and what children learn from their parents? We are all born with specific genetic traits inherited from our parents, such as eye color, height, and certain personality traits. There is a reciprocal interaction between nature and nurture as they both shape who we become, but the debate continues as to the relative contributions of each.

The relationship between interparental conflict, hostile parenting, and children's externalizing problems is well established. Few studies, however, have examined the pattern of association underlying this constellation of family and child level variables while controlling for the possible confounding presence of passive genotype—environment correlation. Using the attributes of 2 genetically sensitive research designs, the present study examined associations among interparental conflict, parent-to-child hostility, and children's externalizing problems among genetically related and genetically unrelated mother—child and father—child groupings. Analyses were conducted separately by parent gender, thereby allowing examination of the relative role of the mother—child and father—child relationships on children's behavioral outcomes. Path analyses revealed that for both genetically related and genetically unrelated parents and children, indirect associations were apparent from interparental conflict to child externalizing problems through mother-to-child and father-to-child hostility.

The nature-nurture debate is concerned with the relative contribution that both influences make to human behavior, such as personality, cognitive traits, temperament and psychopathology. Table of contents. It has long been known that certain physical characteristics are biologically determined by genetic inheritance. Those who adopt an extreme hereditary position are known as nativists. In general, the earlier a particular ability appears, the more likely it is to be under the influence of genetic factors. Estimates of genetic influence are called heritability.

Nature vs. Nurture Child Development: Exploring Key Differences

There are many things that influence the development of a child. DNA can also have a role in determining character traits such as personality, aggression, and intelligence. The other major determinant of child development is "nurture," or the environmental influences. Within psychology there has been an ongoing debate known as the nature versus nurture, or nature-nurture debate which probably reached its height in the 's and 's. This debate has been concerned with the extent to which heritability and environmental factors are each responsible for developmental characteristics.

It suggested that any decision, whether good or bad, small or large, would shape their child. We now know that children are not blank slates to be moulded by us. Their genetic makeup influences all aspects of their behaviour and personality Knopik et al, Starting from when they were first conceived, how a child develops and behaves is partly influenced by the genes they inherit. Genes give children a tendency towards certain ways of being, such as their sleeping behaviour or personality.

Nature versus nurture

Much of the controversy in nature vs. All of these marks combined make up the epigenome; epigenetics is the study of these marks and their impact on children and adults. In the nature vs.

Last Updated on March 12, There have been debates amongst various psychologists and biologists in regard to what may influence a child more, in terms of nature or the environment around him. Nurture On the other hand, nurture refers to various environmental factors that impact our personality traits, our childhood experiences, how and where the child is raised, social relationships, and culture. Various branches of psychology take a different approach towards nature and nurture.

I suggest that such post-genomic programmes of early intervention, which draw on emerging scientific theories of organismic plasticity and developmental malleability, raise significant social and ethical concerns. At the same time, such programmes challenge social scientists to move beyond critique and to contribute to new developmental models that deconstruct the old divide between nature and nurture. I conclude by describing efforts that posit new terms of reference and, simultaneously, new kinds of research interests and questions that are not founded upon, and are not efforts to resolve, the nature—nurture debate. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Developmental Psychology

What is the Impact of Nature and Nurture on Child Development

The nature versus nurture debate involves whether human behavior is determined by the environment, either prenatal or during a person's life, or by a person's genes. The alliterative expression "nature and nurture" in English has been in use since at least the Elizabethan period [2] and goes back to medieval French. Nurture is generally taken as the influence of external factors after conception e. The phrase in its modern sense was popularized by the Victorian polymath Francis Galton , the modern founder of eugenics and behavioral genetics when he was discussing the influence of heredity and environment on social advancement. The view that humans acquire all or almost all their behavioral traits from "nurture" was termed tabula rasa 'blank tablet, slate' by John Locke in A blank slate view sometimes termed blank-slatism in human developmental psychology , which assumes that human behavioral traits develop almost exclusively from environmental influences, was widely held during much of the 20th century.

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Developmental risk factors tend to cluster together, as do developmentally protective influences. the extent of the impact of a given developmental risk factor will.

Behavioral Genetics

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The Nature of Nurture

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