causes and consequences of world war 1 pdf

Causes And Consequences Of World War 1 Pdf

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World War I

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World War I

In the background there were many conflicts between European nations. Nations grouped among themselves to form military alliances as there were tension and suspicion among them. The causes of the First World War were:. Note: Although Italy was a member of the Triple Alliance alongside Germany and Austria-Hungary, it did not join the Central Powers, as Austria-Hungary had taken the offensive, against the terms of the alliance. Alex Andrews George is a mentor, author, and entrepreneur.

AND CONSEQUENCES. Structure. Objectives. Introduction. Causes of The World War. The System of Secret Alliances. Militarism.

First World War (1914-1918): Causes and Consequences

His murder catapulted into a war across Europe that lasted until Thanks to new military technologies and the horrors of trench warfare, World War I saw unprecedented levels of carnage and destruction. By the time the war was over and the Allied Powers claimed victory, more than 16 million people—soldiers and civilians alike—were dead. Tensions had been brewing throughout Europe—especially in the troubled Balkan region of southeast Europe—for years before World War I actually broke out.

The identification of the causes of World War I remains controversial. World War I began in the Balkans on July 28, and hostilities ended on November 11, , leaving 17 million dead and 25 million wounded. Scholars looking at the long term seek to explain why two rival sets of powers the German Empire and Austria-Hungary against the Russian Empire, France, the British Empire and later the United States came into conflict by They look at such factors as political, territorial and economic competition; militarism , a complex web of alliances and alignments; imperialism , the growth of nationalism ; and the power vacuum created by the decline of the Ottoman Empire. Other important long-term or structural factors that are often studied include unresolved territorial disputes , the perceived breakdown of the European balance of power , [1] [2] convoluted and fragmented governance , the arms races of the previous decades, and military planning.

Causes and consequences of world war 1 essay

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