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Natural History Of Nihoa And Necker Islands Pdf

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The majority of the population ca. Each site contains a subpopulation of seals exposed to varying ecological conditions. A prolonged decline in abundance of Hawaiian monk seals in the NWHI occurred since systematic studies of the species began in the late s.

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Book Review: Nihoa and Necker Revealed

Volume 1. Tattooing in the Marquesas. Handy, W. Volume 2. Early references to Hawaiian entomology. Illingworth, J. Hawaiian legends. Rice, W. Volume 4. Report of the Director for Gregory, H. Volume 5. Crustacea from Palmyra and Fanning Islands.

Edmondson, C. Volume 6. Tongan place names. Gifford, E. Volume 7. Polynesian decorative designs. Greiner, R. Volume 8. Tongan myths and tales.

Volume 9. The native culture in the Marquesas. Handy, E. Volume Vocabulary of the Mangaian language. Christian, F. The island of Lanai; a survey of native culture. Emory, K. Bibliography of Polynesian botany. Merrill, E. The characters and probable history of the Hawaiian rat. Miller, G. Ectoparasites of some Polynesian and Malaysian rats of the genus Rattus.

Ewing, H. Samoan housebuilding, cooking and tattooing. Juan Fernandez and Hawaii; a phytogeographical discussion. Skottsberg, C. Music in the Marquesas Islands. String figures from the Marquesas and Society Islands. Hawaiian fungi. Stevens, F. Tropical cyclones of the Pacific. Visher, S. Fishes of Guam, Hawaii, Samoa, and Tahiti. Fowler, H. Archaeology of the Marquesas Islands. Linton, R. The geology of Lanai. Wentworth, C. Revised list of Hawaiian Pteridophyta.

Christensen, C. Marine zoology of the tropical central Paciic. Edmonson, C. Treadwell, A. Ancient Hawaiian music. Roberts, H. Pyroclastic geology of Oahu. Bryan, E. Separate articles [ table of contents ] Volume History and traditions of Niue. Loeb, E. The products and structure of Kilauea. Stone, J. Polynesian religion. Palmer, H. Geology of Mangaia. Marshall, P. Food values of poi, taro, and limu.

Miller, C. Fishes of the tropical central Pacific. String figures from Fiji and western Polynesia. Hornell, J. Hawaiian mosses. Brotherus, V. Handcrafts of the Society Islands. Artemisia , Scaevola , Santalum , and Vaccinium of Hawaii. Vegetation of Pacific equatorial islands. Christopherson, E. The ecology of an Hawaiian coral reef. Tales and poems of Tonga. Collocott, E.

Land snails from Hawaii, Christmas Island, and Samoa. Pilsbry, H. Ancient Tahiti. Henry, T. Hawaiian shallow water Anthozoa. Verrill, A. The breadfruit of Tahiti. Wilder, G. Fossil marine mollusks of Oahu. Ostergaard, J. Cornaceae and allies in the Marquesas and neighboring islands. Brown, F. Archaeology of Nihoa and Necker islands. Dickey, L. Fringing and fossil reefs of Oahu. Pollock, J.

Book Review: Nihoa and Necker Revealed

It was first reported as invasive in the Hawaiian archipelago i It was first reported as invasive in the Hawaiian archipelago in and is now present on all the main Hawaiian islands. In and outbreaks on the Hawaiian island of Nihoa posed a threat to all the vegetation on the island, particularly endangered plant species. The grasshopper Schistocerca nitens Thunberg was originally named Gryllus nitens , and has subsequently been named as S. The Nitens Group of the genus Schistocerca is a diverse and problematic one due to the variability present both within species and across them. Widespread species in this group, such as S. Internal male genitalia are the only structures that can distinguish closely related species.

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Nihoa's area is about acres 0. The island is home to 25 species of plants and several animals, making it the most diverse island in the entire NWHI. Endemic birds like the Nihoa finch and Nihoa millerbird , and endemic plants like Pritchardia remota and Schiedea verticillata are found only on Nihoa. Amaranthus brownii was considered the rarest plant on Nihoa and has not been directly observed on the island since , and is now considered to be extinct. The plant communities and rocky outcrops provide nesting and perching areas for 18 species of seabirds, such as red-footed boobies and brown noddies , terns, shearwaters, and petrels. Prehistoric evidence indicates Native Hawaiians lived on or visited the island around AD , but over time the location of Nihoa was mostly forgotten, with only an oral legend preserving its name.

Hawaiian Monk Seal Population at a Glance

Evenhuis and Lucius G. Eldredge, in the debut publication of a new series, Bulletins in Cultural and Environmental Studies. The palms have come back and, at last count were around in number. While the threat is constant, the editors are not despairing. Thanks to this compilation by Evenhuis and Eldredge, efforts to alert the public to the unique cultural and natural patrimony of these two islands will be all the easier.

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