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Plato c. His greatest impact was Aristotle, but he influenced Western political thought in many ways. The Academy, the school he founded in B.

Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle

Plato 's political philosophy has been the subject of much criticism. In Plato's Republic , Socrates is highly critical of democracy and proposes an aristocracy ruled by philosopher-kings.

Plato's political philosophy has thus often been considered totalitarian by some. In the Republic, Plato's Socrates raises a number of objections to democracy. He claims that democracy is a danger due to excessive freedom. He also argues that in a system in which everyone has a right to rule all sorts of selfish people who care nothing for the people but are only motivated by their own personal desires are able to attain power.

He concludes that democracy risks bringing dictators , tyrants , and demagogues to power. He also claims that democracies have leaders without proper skills or morals and that it is quite unlikely that the best equipped to rule will come to power. Plato, through the character of Socrates, gives an analogy related to democracy: he asks us to imagine a ship whose owner surpasses all those on the ship in height and strength, but is slightly deaf; his vision is similarly impaired and his knowledge of navigation is just as bad.

He then asks us to imagine the sailors, all of which are arguing about who should have control of the helm while none of them have studied navigation. The sailors don't even know that there is such a thing as the craft of navigation.

All the sailors try to convince the owner to give control of the ship over to them, and whoever convinces him becomes the navigator or captain. They manipulate and trick the owner into giving over the helm. The true captain, the one with the knowledge of navigation is seen as a useless stargazer and never becomes the helmsman. The true captain represents a philosopher-king, who knows the forms of justice and goodness.

In the Republic, the character of Socrates outlines an ideal city-state which he calls 'Kallipolis'. Plato's ideal rulers are philosopher-kings.

Not only are they the most wise, but they are also virtuous and selfless. To combat corruption, Plato's Socrates suggests that the rulers would live simply and communally.

Contrary to societal values at the time, Socrates suggests that sex should not be a factor in deciding who should rule, so women as well as men can rule. Socrates proposes that the Guardians should mate and reproduce, and that the children will be raised communally rather than by their biological parents. The children's biological parents will never be known to them, so that no Guardian will prefer his or her own offspring over the common good. The children of the guardian class will be tested, and only the most wise and virtuous will become rulers.

Karl Popper blamed Plato for the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century , seeing Plato's philosopher kings, with their dreams of ' social engineering ' and ' idealism ', as leading directly to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin via Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx respectively.

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Plato: Political Philosophy

Plato c. Aristotle also investigated areas of philosophy and fields of science that Plato did not seriously consider. Such contrasts are famously suggested in the fresco School of Athens —11 by the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael , which depicts Plato and Aristotle together in conversation, surrounded by philosophers, scientists, and artists of earlier and later ages. Plato, holding a copy of his dialogue Timeo Timaeus , points upward to the heavens; Aristotle, holding his Etica Ethics , points outward to the world. Although this view is generally accurate, it is not very illuminating, and it obscures what Plato and Aristotle have in common and the continuities between them, suggesting wrongly that their philosophies are polar opposites. Here are three main differences.

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Though perhaps not seriously, Plato held in the fifth book of the Republic that inequalities were caused by families and property. The only way to get rid of such inequalities would be to prevent parents from bringing up their own children and thereby giving them unfair advantages. Communize families and property. Plato also suggested a kind of genetic engineering to produce only elites, along with governmental day-care centers and control of education to enforce them. Such things are not wholly unfamiliar to us. Our age is rather more Platonic in this sense than we want to admit. As such, Platos concept of the Kallipolis must be the matter of critical scrutiny can the just city be said to conform to modern values?

Classical Political Philosophy: Plato and Aristotle

Political philosophy, ethnology, and time: a study of the notion of historical handicap. This article starts by identifying the crucial importance of the notion of historical handicap for the present-day social sciences of Latin America. Such notion is not an original invention made by Latinamericanists. On the contrary, I demonstrate that the genealogy of the notion of historical handicap must be sought in the tradition of Western political philosophy. Such genealogy must take into account the way it was integrated into ethnological descriptions.

Selected papers on Renaissance philosophy and on Thomas Hobbes pp Cite as. Whereas the stream of Aristotelianism flows in a more or less constant and continuous flux through the history of philosophical thought, Platonism seems to be comparable rather to an undulating movement with irregular ups and downs. One of its highest peaks is of course reached in Neo-Platonism. Both in his own generation and in the one or two that preceded him, Hobbes thus had ample opportunity to get confronted with Platonist doctrine. Unable to display preview.

Aristotle b. Along with his teacher Plato, Aristotle is generally regarded as one of the most influential ancient thinkers in a number of philosophical fields, including political theory. Aristotle was born in Stagira in northern Greece, and his father was a court physician to the king of Macedon. As a young man he studied in Plato's Academy in Athens. Soon after Alexander succeeded his father, consolidated the conquest of the Greek city-states, and launched the invasion of the Persian Empire.

Plato and Aristotle: How Do They Differ?

Plato 's political philosophy has been the subject of much criticism. In Plato's Republic , Socrates is highly critical of democracy and proposes an aristocracy ruled by philosopher-kings.

Plato's political philosophy

Systematic political thought in ancient Greece begins with Plato, and quickly reaches its zenith in the rich and complex discussions in Aristotle's Politics. The political theories of both philosophers are closely tied to their ethical theories, and their interest is in questions concerning constitutions or forms of government. Herodotus sketches a fascinating debate by proponents of three forms of government: democracy, monarchy, and oligarchy. In Euripides' Suppliant Maidens , there is a debate between Theseus, champion of Athenian democracy, and a messenger from Creon, ruler of Thebes.

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Aristotle's Politics is devoted chiefly to the study of different constitutions or forms of government. He agrees with Plato that the goal of a political community is the.

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Hobbes and the Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle

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Aristotle’s Political Theory

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