difference between biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand pdf

Difference Between Biological Oxygen Demand And Chemical Oxygen Demand Pdf

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BOD analysis is performed to determine what effect dirty water, containing bacteria and organic materials, will have on animal and plant life when released into a stream or lake.

Specifically designed for laboratories analyzing a medium or large number of samples per day, this system is available with the standard mL bottles or 60mL bottles. This small automated system is ideal for a laboratory that analyses a small number of samples per day. With a low purchase price and small footprint, this system is ideal for smaller laboratories who analyse a few samples per month. Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD , also often referred to as biological oxygen demand, is a test performed to measure the potential of wastewater and other waters to deplete the oxygen level of receiving waters.

5.2 Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Yesterday afternoon I finished up some stormwater training with an old client of ours who changed some staff recently. I was brought in for some basic environmental training , and one of the topics we covered was their NPDES stormwater permit. No big deal. Everything went smooth. The new staff members were a pretty sharp bunch, and I think they'll have no trouble staying in compliance at all. I told her great question!

BOD measures the amount of organic components that can be biologically degraded in water. The ratio of BOD to COD is the percent of the organic materials in water that can be degraded by natural micro-organisms in the environment. Chemican oxygen demand COD and biochemical oxygen demand BOD — a slightly more refined measure of water quality constituents than COD — measures the amount of oxygen that would be required to fully break down the organic components that can be biologically degraded in water. Dissolved oxygen DO is a measure of oxygen dissolved in water. As most forms of COD are water soluble, this pollutant spreads easily via stormwater to waterways. StormwateRx offers enhanced and advanced stormwater treatment systems to remove COD. The Aquip passive media filter and the Purus polisher combined offer an advanced level of COD removal from stormwater prior to discharge to help facilities meet benchmarks or NALs.

What are the differences between Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)?

BOD reduction is used as a gauge of the effectiveness of wastewater treatment plants. BOD of wastewater effluents is used to indicate the short-term impact on the oxygen levels of the receiving water. BOD analysis is similar in function to chemical oxygen demand COD analysis, in that both measure the amount of organic compounds in water. However, COD analysis is less specific, since it measures everything that can be chemically oxidized, rather than just levels of biologically oxidized organic matter. Most natural waters contain small quantities of organic compounds. Aquatic microorganisms have evolved to use some of these compounds as food. Microorganisms living in oxygenated waters use dissolved oxygen to oxidatively degrade the organic compounds, releasing energy which is used for growth and reproduction.

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What is the difference between COD and BOD?

Food Analysis pp Cite as. Oxygen demand is a commonly used parameter to evaluate the potential effect of organic pollutants e. Because microorganisms utilize these organic materials, the dissolved oxygen is greatly depleted from the water, which can have a detrimental effect on fish and plant life. This chapter focuses on the two main methods used to measure the oxygen demand of water and wastewater: biochemical oxygen demand BOD and chemical oxygen demand COD. Described in the chapter are the principles, procedures, applications, and limitations of each method.


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Biochemical oxygen demand

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