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Medicine Salt Names And Uses Pdf

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Generic Name Drugs

The resources below have been provided to help narrow your search to specific, targeted drug information. Information is available for both consumers and healthcare professionals on over 24, prescription and over the counter medicines available primarily in the USA. Multum leaflets provide basic consumer drug information, such as drug descriptions and interactions, details of possible side effects and the effects of missed doses and overdosing, as well as instructions for use. The leaflets are available in English and Spanish. IBM Watson Micromedex Advanced Consumer Information provides comprehensive consumer information pertaining to a wide variety of drugs, such as a list of commonly used brand names, drug descriptions, warnings and precautions, and detailed information on the proper use of each drug. Consumer Drug Information provides detailed information on drug indications, contraindications and interactions as well as notes on safety and instructions for use.

Last updated on April 10, Is it the same drug your doctor ordered? Drugs are often formed as a weak acid or base, but this drug form is not always optimal for dissolution or absorption into your body. Without absorption, a drug cannot have a therapeutic effect, so some forms require a salt. Many medications need to be water-soluble, too.

Drug Names and Their Pharmaceutical Salts - Clearing Up the Confusion

Sodium chloride NaCl , also known as salt, is an essential compound our body uses to:. While salt is frequently used for cooking, it can also be found as an ingredient in foods or cleansing solutions. In medical cases, your doctor or nurse will typically introduce sodium chloride as an injection. Read on to see why and how salt plays an important role in your body. Despite the fact that many people use the words sodium and salt interchangeably, they are different. Unprocessed foods like fresh vegetables, legumes, and fruit can naturally have sodium. Baking soda has sodium too.

Drug Names and Their Pharmaceutical Salts - Clearing Up the Confusion

There are many hundreds of thousands of possible drugs. Any chemical substance with biological activity may be considered a drug. This list categorises drugs alphabetically and also by other categorisations.

Hover over each icon below for an explanation of their meaning. Scroll down to find all drugs and dosages that can offer savings or information by clicking on the drug name then click on the icon. If doing a drug search, scroll down to see your drug search results. Programs created by pharmaceutical companies to provide free or discounted medicines to people who are unable to afford them. Each program has its own qualifying criteria.

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Generic Name Drugs

Get Email Updates:. This document is a general reference and not a comprehensive list. This list describes the basic or parent chemical and does not describe the salts, isomers and salts of isomers, esters, ethers and derivatives which may also be controlled substances.

Get the latest information from CDC coronavirus. Information on commonly used drugs with the potential for misuse or addiction can be found here. For drug use trends, see our Trends and Statistics page. People drink to socialize, celebrate, and relax.

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List of drugs

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